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 from Kim @ Charts and Healing Arts

Charts & Healing Arts will discontinue doing shorter regular and love life readings live on Zoom with the client present and love life phone readings. Readings will now be recorded and sent to your email.  Clients can now send all of their emailed questions to: OR text Kim at (910) 234-2342 with your questions after your session is paid for.

Clients wishing to purchase packaged sessions will save money on love life and regular readings; which includes Bach Flower remedy consultations (however postage is not included to mail your remedies out).  Love life readings are $10 more than regular readings.  Please make sure to include your birth information and a good email to send your video to.

90 minute sessions and Bach Flower Consultations will continue to be on Zoom live with the client and by phone. 

It is my wish to move Charts & Healing Arts in another direction with consultations. There is more to come--

Thank you,

Kim Logan

Policy change on 8/24/2023

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