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Tarot Reading
Kim has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:
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Astrological Readings

Kim charts according to the Western tradition and she has been reading the tarot and charting astrology together since 1974. While it is true that predicting events are important in a person's life; the other important lesson is the psychology behind what is happening and how it evolves the Soul.









Distance Reiki Healings

Kim is a Reiki Master and practitioner.  She began getting her levels in 1998; working with two different Reiki Masters and healers to receive her levels during 1998 - 2000.  She teaches all of the levels now.


Kim also a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker in North Carolina (NC #5612).  She was licensed in June 2005.  She has trained in Shiatsu and has practiced several types of healing and allied modalities, including tuning forks and frequency healing. 


Tarot Cards
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Tarot Card Readings

Kim specializes in the Tarot.  She began reading the cards in 1974, which now makes it forty-eight years.  

She is an intuitive and empath. The name psychic doesn't encompass what she does. She has all six of the clairs which is: clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (feelings a person has), clairgustance (tasting), and clairalience (smells).  Sometimes these come on spontaneous but she is always clairaudient and clairsentient. 




Bach Flower Consultations

Kim does Bach Flower consultations for her clients by phone and Zoom; which includes the consultation, your remedies, and postage fees to mail them out if necessary.


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