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What kind of Time are You Having?

Kimberly Logan (11/10/2023)

On November 4, 2023 I'm sure many of you felt the shift of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces going back into its Direct station at 0 degrees. Being a water sign I felt really strange and discombobulated, for lack of a better word. I cannot really put it into words how weird that I felt; but I did know that it wasn't all coming from me.

Saturn went Retrograde June 17th, 2023 in Pisces. A serious sign like Saturn, who is all about responsibilities and telling us what kind of time we are going to have, in such an other worldly sign like Pisces is difficult to describe to anyone. AND depending on where your house of Pisces is, that is where you will feel it the most.

Issues like addiction will be hard for some people right now. People with mental health issues can suffer more than usual; mainly because they aren't seeing things as clearly as it could be, and the lens that they are seeing through is skewed in some sort of way. I guess the best way to describe it is, like looking at an object under water with your eyes open. If you've ever looked at something under water without a face mask on you will understand what I am talking about. Every thing feels weird and distorted in some way. BUT feelings are also what we will be interested in at this time.

I think we have come from a time where productivity has been king for a long time and now people are taking a step back, seeing what all this has done to us. We question our value based on our output in our jobs, friendships, marriages, etc. Are we really going to place a value on ourselves like that? Doesn't that de-value us in some way by doing that? We are human beings, not human doings, aren't we? What makes us human anyway?

Feelings make us human; our love, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, and our compassion separate us from being robots covered with skin. We visualize what we want and Pisces helps us do that right now. So, we may find ourselves visualizing what we want in our future and now we have the ability to carry it out too! How exciting is that?

People may become more interested in metaphysical pursuits. Things like reading the Tarot, astrology, esoteric wisdom, the psychic realm, and other other worldly topics will be of interest. People may put more money into understanding the workings of mystical teachings and things like ESP. Those are all Piscean ruled subjects. That's what time we are going to be having. We won't be doing shallow topics anymore for a while. You might find yourself digging in deep with philosophy, magick, and even some conspiracy theories. Subjects of UFO's might come into focus even more.

We may see some pretty weird stuff until February 2026! That's okay by me; the stranger the better, for most of us water sign people. Water sign people do not scare easily, especially when it comes to delving into the mysteries of life. We all can flow more in the collective consciousness and still be responsible at the same time. In fact, we might be more responsible while being more authentic with our feelings and thoughts; while still being a visionary. I cannot help but be excited about this. The creativity that we can tap into alone, is any artist's dream. So I say, "dream a little dream with me."

Because dreams will be something that we will have plenty of--awake and sleeping. I think we have all been aching for this time in our hearts for a long time. We give ourselves permission to live again by ourselves and many of the rules might be scrutinized and tossed out of the window.

Oh yeah, and ALL those boxes and labels that people try to put on you might backfire on them, and they may learn a valuable lesson at this time. That goes for you too, if you have a tendency to do that to other people. We don't have boxes for that kind of thinking anymore; because our vision has outgrown something as simple as a label or a small container to house the mundane.

Our thinking is catching up with our hearts and we may find that after all is said and done--we are finally in alignment with everyone's good--not just a few of the lucky ones! Isn't that wonderful?

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