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The Mercury Rx in Virgo Cometh

The Mercury Retrograde Man Cometh soon!

Posted 8/13/2023 @ 11:03 a.m.

On August 23, 2023 through September 15, 2023 good old Mercury will be in its retrograde station again. The Winged Messenger is at home in its own sign of Virgo (and Gemini). Mercury is the planet of communication, so during this time things might get a little wonky in that department.

We know communication is affected, but here are a few other things that you might want to look for. It is important to confirm your appointments, and to reconfirm them again. Expect unexpected events to develop very quickly; and these are things you normally do not see coming. Not only in communication; but technology and mechanical things (like automobiles and transportation) too. Pay attention to your driving and expect there could be delays.

Tasks have to be done at least twice to be completed. Things just don't take as easy the first time around. It can be frustrating and patience is definitely called for. Mercury retrogrades are good for finishing up old issues that have been lying around on the back burner for a while.

You don't want to start anything new during this time, especially a new job, a new business, or a major purchase like a home or a car. Contract signing is definitely a no-no. Getting hair cuts or hair color could turn out quite differently than is intended, and sometimes you could have a strange reaction chemically. Surgeries should be avoided unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Hear me now, or believe me later...

The issue is, what is going on is happening so fast internally, that the human brain misses a lot. You don't want someone doing anything that requires a lot of focus for you, because we get sidetracked and interrupted and it might throw something very important off. We are not always thinking as clearly as we normally would be. It's a time to problem solve, but not quite the time to reveal your findings to the World at large. Save that time for later-- definitely after September the 15th!

Old relationships come back to be re-examined. Sometimes the question needs to be, "Am I falling for this person's B.S. again?" You will be presented with opportunities to find out!

When this happens, after the initial shock of seeing them wears off, slow your mind down, and really ask yourself, "What could be happening here?" This is your chance to change a deeply ingrained habit and pattern in your life. You get the opportunity for some really powerful growth. Just because it is here staring you in the face right now, doesn't mean that you have to engage with it!

Since Mercury is in Virgo and it is in a retrograde station at this time; issues pertaining to health, the digestion (including digesting ideas) diet, small animals, food, and our daily work routines will be in focus.

Perhaps we are going to find out what has really been going into our food and water. Or maybe we realize it is time to re-evaluate our job, or position. Chronic conditions with our health could resurface at this time and help us make some permanent changes for the better. Our pets and other small animals might be needing health care or having issues with their digestion too. We might say to ourselves, "Why am I allowing this (fill in the blank here) in my life, it isn't good, or healthy for me." This can really be the beginning of something significant in helping you make a change in your life. Don't be afraid, the Universe served this up to you for a reason, and it's always for your highest good.

So that's what I see in a tiny nut shell. If you are needing to see in detail a little bit more in your own chart, this is your opportunity to book with me and find out more. Shameless plug intended.

Have a wonderful upcoming month and remember to slow down and enjoy the experience of living and loving another day!



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