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The Full Moon; Endings with New Beginnings

On December 7th, 2022 at 11:08 p.m. the Moon was completely full. It was in the sign of Gemini; which rules communication and duality. Full Moons can portend endings; even endings like a physical death. Often a few days before the Full Moon, and a few days after; we can still experience these types of effects of the Moon.

As of this writing, two people have told me that there is a possibility that they may not be here much longer with us on the physical plane anymore. One is younger than me and the other is older. That doesn't matter either way, I'm just giving you some background information.

What we used to think was a "normal" progression of life, is no longer the case anymore. Parents are burying their children more often and obviously outliving them. There is no rhyme or reason to life and death anymore. But there is a purpose and a plan unfolding, we just don't have all the information yet.

Some of us are doing our work here to bring about the transformation on Earth; others have decided the energy is too intense here and have decided to move on and do their work on the other side.

I didn't think too much about these physical transformations and death-- well, not until I house sat in the haunted house in Wilmington and my sweet Paco passed away in July and I happened to see the physical manifestations of these departed souls over the past year (on video). I'm not trying to get all morosse on everyone here. I am more thinking that checking out here means we are checking in somewhere else. It's not over. But I also don't think we can hurry it along, either.

Some people don't want to be here, and they are thinking of taking matters into their own hands to remove themselves from the chaos and pain of living here at this particular time that we are experiencing in the the collective consciousness. That is not going to be helpful to these Souls if they decide to do this. Not only are they placing their jobs (that are already overloaded onto other Souls), but no one checks out on their lessons, ever. They just get to repeat it somewhere else, or they get recycled back here again.

We came here with a Soul plan and lesson; and this place is a big schoolhouse and each Soul's lesson is different. That's why if you give advice, it's not always helpful to someone else's lesson plan! Keep your eyes on your own life lesson and don't give any advice unless someone truly asks you for help.

But back to these Full Moon endings. The moon represents the emotions and the subconscious mind. Things that are hidden from us, often come up into the consciousness at this time. Old issues that were deeply buried and we thought were long gone come to revisit us, to see if we are finally done and finished with whatever it is. That can be another "death" too. Relationships can end and a new beginning can happen during this time.

A lot of women who are pregnant have their babies during this time. The end of one way of life in the womb brings another way life here on Earth. It's an ending with a new beginning. There are no endings without a new beginning, ever. It is just important that we acknowledge and honor the loss until that new phase of life comes towards us again.

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