The Astrological Outlook for 12/31/2020

It will be very possible to go through multiple energies today.

The early morning still feels the presence of Cancerian energy until 8:44 a.m. You may feel like nurturing yourself and your loved ones, particularly early in the day with a nice breakfast and spending time with those that you love. However, we can experience snags in our plans during this time. Try to stick with your plans as much as possible. Afterwards you may feel like doing nothing [for about five hours].

Shortly after that, the Leo Moon will make itself known. Fun, creativity, romance, children, our hair, and entertainment will be in focus at this time. Watch for any ego battles with other people; which is always "a thing," during a Leo Moon. Watch for impulsive and emotional thinking. As long as you curtail the need for being too extravagant, you will be fine. Seek out enjoyment, this is a day made for it.

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