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Little Pieces of Me Everywhere

Yesterday I did a resin pour over of some artwork that I did this summer. My dog Paco, who is now deceased as of July 29th, 2022; was with me when I did the little turtle and seahorse. I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could; because I knew my precious baby was leaving me soon.

On this particular day that I made the turtle and seahorse art, we went outside and sat on the Adirondack glider in the garden where we both waited on the paint to dry. I petted him and talked to him and we soaked up the noon day sun. These two pieces mean a lot to me because I finally finished them and a little piece of Paco still remains in the cells of my artwork today.

When I am not doing readings or alternative healing, I am doing artwork. That is my true love and calling; it is a dream of mine to one day just do artwork and to immerse myself in painting and doing resin pours all day long.

I want to make the World a more beautiful place one art piece at a time, and those pieces will go to people and homes who will appreciate the time and energy that I put into them. It is important for me to create and contribute in some small way to life, because when it is my turn to go, there will be little pieces of me everywhere.

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