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Buy Your Christmas Gifts Early This Year

I have just been looking at my ephemeris. If you don't know what that is, an ephemeris is a book of numbers (for lack of a better word) that we use in astrology to find out where the planets are at any given time, and to what degree they are, along with what sign the planets are currently in.

I had a hunch this morning that it was about time for another Mercury Retrograde, since the last one began in August and finished up on September 15th. Which means, three months later, a new one will begin for another twenty-one days. Yay us!

This one will begin at 8 degrees in Capricorn on December 13th, 2023 and then retrograde back into Sagittarius (which won't be too bad, unless you are Sagittarius or Gemini) on Christmas Eve and then go direct on January 2nd, 2024 at 22 degrees in Sagittarius.

Since it will be in Capricorn, which definitely is a ruler over material and earthly things; what we purchase might break, or be a dud in some way-- if we buy during that retrograde station. I pity the stores after Christmas, because there are always lots of returns when we have a Mercury retrograde Christmas. So, to avoid some of this headache, heartache, and disappointment, please buy your gifts before the retrograde. I would suggest the cutoff date being, December 8th, 2023. And do not buy any real estate or land until after the middle of January 2024.

Yes, that icky Mercury retrograde shadow will begin sometimes two weeks, to a month before the regrade station actually begins. This lets us know how intense that retrograde is going to be in our lives.

Go ahead and service your car early, or do any work that it needs done. Purchase phones and computers early. Get all your messy things out of the way and fix any broken objects now; otherwise you will be stuck with having to "fix" or "re-do," and sometimes during a retrograde station people aren't really thinking as clearly as other times and they can make simple mistakes that become way bigger later on.

With this Mercury retrograding back into two signs, Sagittarius really is an easy sign for a retrograde, unless like I said earlier--that you are Sag. or a Gemini. Then, it just might be a very emotional or annoying time for them on a personal level. These two signs need to watch what they say and put in writing (even though we all need to do that), even more for them.

So what good can come from all of this? Where's that "silver lining" you are probably asking? Well, we do have a chance to problem solve some things that may have eluded us for quite some time. That doesn't mean we need to present our findings yet to the World.

Wait until after Mercury goes direct.

We can really tap into our inner world, and philosophies of life during this time. We may challenge what we have been taught to think; in favor of genuinely discovering what our true path is for us. We will want to not only believe it, but live it too!

In the third week of January 2024, some structures that we have incorporated into our lives because they were "just there," before we were even born; will dissolve into nothingness (not overnight) and we will become freer from some of those old ways of thinking and living that was never "our's" to begin with. And, that's a really good thing! We don't need to incorporate things into our lives that we don't believe in, or identify with at all.

Authentic "thinking," and getting in touch with who we really are, is truly transcendent at this time. So, at the risk of sounding like I am oversimplifying things, having a few glitches in our daily life on the material plane during this coming retrograde; in favor of self understanding and getting more to our core way of "Being," is a very small trade off for twenty one days of things feeling like they are going haywire! I think I'll take it!

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