Astrological Outlook for 10/9/2020

The early morning of October 9th gives us an aspect that allows us to enjoy harmonious, affectionate, and cheerful energy [2:16 a.m. EST]. We can be original, inventive and creative in the morning hours, and we can also reach decisions and persuade others to our corner. The Mars squaring Pluto warns us not to make any sudden changes in our lives right now [9:09 a.m.] Also don't be pushy and force any issues, patience is needed in the morning to afternoon hours. In the evening hours [11:17 p.m.] we may want to indulge and can be a wee bit too extravagant. This is a good time to have fun. Before midnight, the Moon trining Neptune makes us romantic, idealistic, and friendly with our loved ones.

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