Astrological Outlook for 10/14/2020

Postpone making important decisions today. Your intuition can be trusted; but make sure that it is your intuition that's really talking to you! Any plans that you have today, may need to be brought down to earth and revised [especially if it involves dealing with other people], you may be overly optimistic and could need to rework a few things and enlist other helpers.

You may find yourself dealing with direct and impulsive energy around you; and from that you may be dealing with some strong emotions and feelings that come up from that experience.

In the afternoon romance is stirring for those of you that are involved, and for those of you that aren' may be briefly [this is a retrograde Mercury, so it could be short lived--but have fun with it].

Be patient with yourself today and try to get all your work done early. The Moon will go Void of Course at 6:47 p.m. and you may not feel like doing anything else after that.


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