Astrological Outlook for 10/13/2020


Mercury goes retrograde at 11 degrees in Scorpio at 9:05 p.m. [EST] today. You can influence others, but in an original sort of way. Be careful what you put into writing, or how you may come across to others. Innuendos and sexual remarks may not be well received like you may have intended; and could blow up in your face later on!

People [particularly men] may be frustrated easily; they could be quarrelsome-- or outright fight! Keep the conversations light and don't put too much pressure on anyone today!

We are prone to quick thinking, and are fast on our feet today. Ideas on beauty and decoration will be successful; just think of the future when you buy a piece for your home. You might like it today, but when you are in a different frame of mind; you might regret the purchase later on! Think in practical terms.


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