Astrological Outlook for 10/11/2020

You may encounter some personal problems in the early morning hours [9:34 a.m. EST], try to be philosophical and learn something from the encounter. Most likely it will will be where Libra and Capricorn occupies your chart.

A couple of hours later [11:32 a.m.] you get a glimpse into what your spiritual nature really looks like; which may be interesting because an encounter with a significant other [or a very open enemy!] forces you to seek alone time, and then you see something very interesting about yourself from that encounter.

In the afternoon hours, there can be some erratic or eccentric behavior coming from your own [or other people's] children. There could be something involving entertainment, or creativity that could have some bearing on your possessions or finances.

In the early evening, try not to worry. You may feel restless or on edge for some reason and may not know why.


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