Astro Aspects for 4/27/2021

The Moon will be in Scorpio the whole day. Pluto goes retrograde at 4:04 p.m. It is a time to reflect on power and control in your life, and with the World at large. We ask who's in power and control, and why are they in that position to begin with? This should get interesting!!

Today there can be distractions and people engaging in unconventional behaviors or thought patterns. Hold your hats, this might get a little weird! There can be an excess of emotions oozing out of everywhere. Hold your boundaries and do not let yourself be pulled into other people's dramas.

Try to get down to work and be disciplined. It is important to handle routine work and be mindful of the details.

Later in the evening things will lighten up and people will be more idealistic, romantic, and friendly.

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