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Charts & Healing Arts Policies


​Charts and Healing Arts operates on Eastern Standard Time. 

Sunday - Saturday  (when making your appointment time, please adjust your session to Eastern Standard Time)

I work by appointment using the online booking feature.  Please use online scheduled booking to schedule all of your sessions.  

If you have purchased a prepaid packaged session, they must be booked directly with Kim by emailing, calling, or texting to (910) 234-2342 after your first booking that you have scheduled online. 

After hour sessions are available on our website with an extra fee of $35 added to the service for early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays. 


E-mail or texting is the best way to communicate.  You can text to (910) 234-2342.  If calling, please leave a message on my voicemail if I do not answer; as I am usually in a session.  If you need information, or to book your appointment with me; I will get back with you as promptly as possible. If it is after 7:00 p.m. I will return your call the following business day.  Clients that text, I respond to texts during business hours only.


Clients are billed before their session begins.  Please book and pay for your sessions online if at all possible (unless the online feature is not working).  This allows me to stay on schedule with my other clients. I work another psychic job along with my Charts & Healing Arts business; so in order to take a booking I need to know that it is a guaranteed session with my client.  Booking online is easy and keeps our consultations where it belongs, in the consultation.  My schedule availability is online and you can choose a time that works for you.   This ensures a place in my book; otherwise it is still an open space for other clients to book and you may lose the time and date that you want.  If you are having trouble with booking online, please ask Kimberly to invoice you through email or text.  Sessions are invoiced through Square.   You can text or call Kimberly directly for booking and payments if the online feature is not working for you, or you would like an appointment outside of the hours listed on the online calendar (if an appointment is available). Please email Kimberly at: to request invoicing. Please include a phone number that you can be reached at, and a good email that she can send the invoice to.  


If a client wants a longer session from their original session time, Kimberly will re-authorize the credit card and we will continue on with the session.  Once a client goes over the time paid for, they are given the option to continue on if that time is available, or we will have to stop the session and continue at another time.  Sessions are timed to ensure that the client receives the time that they paid for, and Kimberly is compensated fairly for her time working with the client.  


Clients that buy packaged sessions receive a significant discount of 10-25%. When a client buys a package, please email, call, text Kim at (910) 234-2342 to schedule your future appointments.  Packaged sessions are given the option of expedited booking; sometimes within the hour.  Whenever clients need a session, please text Kim directly until the package is used up.  When your appointment has been made, you will get a confirmation by text message or through email to confirm your appointment in the online calendar to avoid double booking your session.  If you have a package, please give a 24 hour notice of cancellation or you will lose your booked session.  All packaged sessions expire one year from their purchase date, except monthly healing packages; those expire in 31 days of the purchase date.  I do not refund packaged sessions, so if you decide to purchase a package, please make sure you can use all of your sessions before the expiration date.


Charts and Healing Arts requires a 24 hour cancellation notice to be able to reschedule your original session time.  If a client must cancel their original session time, they are allowed one more reschedule time in the book for the same session that they originally paid for. I try to avoid scheduling and rescheduling appointments over and over again as much as possible; as it often prevents other clients from being able to book their appointments and many sessions can be lost because of that.  If it becomes a habitual issue, a client may no longer be accepted in the book. 


Video Sessions are available through Zoom (click here to go to your appt. on Zoom)  Clients may have to download the Zoom app and register but it is completely free.   I also do Facetime video chat.  For Facetime chat just call (910) 234-2342 at your appointment time.   After you book your appointment online go to one of the above chats.  Please note when you purchase your session which platform you want to use for your chat so I can meet you for the session.


Clients always pre-pay for the time that they have booked with me.  If a client is late it will be deducted from their session time.  I usually work back to back with my clients; a late appointment can throw off my whole day and inconvenience other clients too.  It is preferred that you call, text, IM, or video chat exactly at your appointment time.  If a client is a no show client, they will lose their session time.  I understand that emergencies happen, and that will be taken into consideration.


In business you must have policies in place to protect your business and your clients.  It must be in print for clients to see prior to their purchases.  Charts and Healing Arts has a non refundable, non transferable, non exchangeable policy. All sales are FINAL.  


I recommended to take notes.  Please do not record the session.


Kimberly is not a physician, mental health professional, or clergy.  I read tarot, calculate astrological charts, and I am an empath.  My job is to read tarot and calculate charts for my clients.  I am a licensed massage therapist in NC.  Physical or mental health is out of my scope of practice and is against the law for me to practice any of these.  Please do not to try and place me in a position that I am not trained to handle. Issues out of my scope of practice, must be outsourced and addressed by another professional in that field.  Thank you for understanding.


​Kimberly's readings are meant as a growth tool and the subject matter can be very deep.  If you are in denial about a certain subject, or are not open to changing your behavior to have what you want, then she probably is not the person that you would enjoy seeing.   

If we see something during the reading that the client wants to change; all it takes is a changed thought and a changed behavior to manifest something entirely different.  In other words, if you keep doing what you are doing the same course of action will probably happen; but if you change the course of what you would normally do, something else entirely will probably occur.


Kimberly Logan's massages (NC#5612) and bodywork is entirely therapeutic and for relaxation only. She provides a non-sexual massage and bodywork service.  People soliciting services outside of what the NC Board of Massage defines massage to be, will be asked to leave the premises without a refund for the service that they have booked.  Clients must fill out a complete health history and update Kimberly of any changes in their health.  Sometimes massage or bodywork is contraindicated for a client's health and it is important to be honest and as thorough as possible on your intake form and with your therapist.  


We have the right to refuse service anytime.  If that is the case, your money will quickly be refunded back to you if you have booked an appointment online and not received a session. Unfortunately, if you have received a refund that means that you are no longer be eligible to receive services or sessions in the future.  If a client is in a session and is exhibiting any abusive, aggressive, deceptive, criminal, or other dangerous behaviors that could harm the client or other people, including myself; we have the right to terminate the session without refunding money back to the client; this also includes packaged sessions.  


​Yes, if their parent gives consent.  


Sometimes I have found that there are clients I have worked with that choose to lie or hide part of the truth during their sessions for whatever reason that they feel necessary.  Please note that when this happens, it muddles the person's reading and can work against the client in most cases.  I cannot do my job properly when a client lies or conceals part of the truth during a session.  It makes the person difficult to read and the information they receive may not be as accurate.  It is important that all relationships have truthful communication if they are to work.


Gift Certificates expire one year after the purchase date.  All packages expire one year after their purchase date (except healing packages, they expire within 31 days from the purchase date).  Any unused sessions will be expired and forfeited by the client if they are not used by the expiration date.

Square or cash.   Clients wishing to use Apple Pay can text or call Kim to complete the transaction.


Tips are graciously accepted but not expected.