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Hello! Today's Card of the Day from

Kim @ Charts & Healing Arts for 8/03/2020

is the X of WANDS.

You have been carrying burdens that are not yours.  Just because you can handle other people's burdens and loads, doesn't mean that you should take them on.  You rob these people of the opportunity to own their responsibilities and life lessons; and rob yourself of getting your own done!

Once you give back to its rightful owner what is theirs, you are going to feel so good!  Although the people that have been using and manipulating you, might not be as friendly or happy towards you... Do it anyway!

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Planet Positions

Charts & Healing Arts has suspended ALL in person and bodywork sessions due to the Coronavirus indefinitely.    


Phone, video, and distance reiki is available at this time.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during this time.


August 2 - 5 Astrological Aspects


Erratic or eccentric behavior; quick mind.

Hard work for little gain.

Delay in plans; watch what you put in writing.


Nervousness and excitement.


Urge to get away from everything.


Beautiful purchases; redecoration.


Unconscious scruples upset romantic harmony.


Need for balancing thinking and emotions.


Original, inventive, creative.

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