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Please Read Before You Book

 from Kim @ Charts and Healing Arts

Kim @ Charts & Healing Arts does pre-recorded Zoom sessions that are recorded for you and sent to your email.  Your session will be sent to your email at your appointment time that you book for on this page. Please send all of your questions that you have to: after your session is paid for.  You can text pictures of people if you need to at (910) 234-2342 but I ask that you do not text questions to my cell phone anymore, as it interrupts my current sessions that I am doing for other clients.  Make sure that you save all of your recordings on your computer because these recordings are eventually deleted from the Zoom Cloud to make room for newer recordings.

I have three types of LIVE sessions which are 15,30, & 90 minute consultations through Zoom and on the phone; this also includes Bach Flower consultations. The Zoom sessions are recorded, but not the phone sessions (unless you record them) or my Bach consults.


Clients wishing to purchase pre-recorded packaged sessions will save money on love life and regular readings. There are also packages which includes Bach Flower remedy consultations. 


Please make sure to include your birth information and a good email to send your video to.  Any person you need to ask about (1) include their name/s (2) the person's birthdate (3) Very specific questions naming the person you are asking about.  EXAMPLE:  Will Charlotte who's born on 5/10/1987 call me Wednesday?  After your initial session is sent to your email, and if you have more questions please rebook and send your new questions over.

Kim does 3 sessions daily, so it is a good idea to get in the book early.  Clients can pay on this website, which is through Square, or can use Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, Klarna, or PayPal.  Sessions must be prepaid before they go in the book.

Thank you,

Kim Logan

Policy change on 11/17/2023

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