This can be a deeply psychological day. The mind may be racing ahead of the body and it can feel overwhelming. Try not to to be impulsive and get in over your head. This is a time to balance your mind and emotions. You may be feeling an excess of emotions at this time. This is a good time to do deep psychological work. Very beneficial for self-examination and to transform yourself, especially in the late afternoon.

A young man between the ages of 28-32. He can offer an interesting invitation or proposal. He can be intelligent and have an artistic flair.

Someone you care about may have an opposing view from yours and this can present a difficulty.

A deep relationship with strong karmic ties connected to this man.


In the early morning there can be some distractions and sensitive emotions coming up. But over all, people are cheerful and willing to cooperate. In the afternoon, there can be some enlightening discussions and intense feelings coming up. Later, it will be easy to help someone in need, and for giving good advice.

Mercury and Venus will both go into Libra after 9:30 p.m. [EST] which makes people a little more loving, understanding, and their communications turn a little sweeter. You may want to be more creative; or appreciate music and the arts a little more.

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