Today it is important to stick with your original plans. It's a good day to be efficient and to budget your time. You may be feeling apathetic or have a desire to relax and let some things go. That would not be a good idea and you might regret it later on.

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A Master artisan. Someone who is very skilled at their work. A person sought after for their particular skill set by others for quality work. An improvement in business and trade.

The Moon goes into Leo at 2:11 a.m. Fun, family, children, speculation, romantic energy, creativity, and drama will all be in focus. You may feel more energetic and alive. It is a good time to relax with friends; just be careful about being too extravagant financially while entertaining.

We have four squares today astrologically. That is a bit unusual. Squares always represent some sort of challenge. So, do not force any matter--be patient!

You may be a bit more restless and worry today about things. You may feel (or someone else) has a bit more of erratic or eccentric energy. With that being said, you can definitely come up with some quick and creative solutions to problems that arise today.

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