Hello, my name is Kimberly Logan.  I am a spiritual reader. I do Western Astrology and have been reading the tarot and charting astrology since 1974. I cannot ever remember a time not being intuitive or hearing information about people and life situations.


I began reading professionally in 1992.  It was at that same time that I was introduced to Vedic Astrology, Bach Flower Remedies, and Harmonic Healing; which I learned to use as a modality for healing that is very gentle and effective. 


I am a Reiki Master and began getting my levels in 1998.  I've worked with two different Reiki Masters and healers to receive my levels during 1998 - 2000.  I am currently a Reiki Master and teach all the levels.


I am also a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker in North Carolina (NC #5612) since June 2005; although I have put a hold on doing bodywork at this time. I am trained in Shiatsu and have practiced several types of healing and allied modalities.  I am three classes away from having my Bachelors degree in Psychology from CCU (which has taken a very long time).  I also do Bach Flower consultations for my clients, which is a new service that I am providing on this website now.  


If you are here for just another love life reading, then my work may not be something that you will like.  I feel it is important to try and go a little bit deeper into any issue and to find the real source of the problem, including love relationships.  If you are having any relationship issues, you might want to be asking why, instead of when will this person come forward or do they love me at all?  Unfortunately, there is no magical thinking that can fix love.  I have found that Western astrology offers many solutions and psychological answers as to why things are happening between two people, and in our lives generally.


If you are tired of your life being tossed around like a ship in a tempest due to another person, or a situation that you find yourself in over and over again with no solution, then please read on.

I am an intuitive and empath. The name psychic doesn't encompass what I feel that I do, although I have all six of the clairs which is: clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (feelings a person has), clairgustance (tasting), and clairalience (smells).


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Kimberly Logan 

Astrologer & Intuitive Reader

During a reading I can connect on all of these levels to get information needed to help the client.  But none of these things matter if the client isn't willing to help themselves after the consultation is done.  I do not "fix" people, and I certainly am not a magic genie that makes things magically appear or disappear for a client.  I don't read people's minds, either.  None of these things are beneficial in the scheme of things when it comes to manifesting love, happiness, joy, and fulfilling your life purpose and destiny here on Earth.  


You came to Earth for a reason.  The problem is, that sometimes people forget why they're here; because they get caught up in the face that the lesson has presented itself.  Later, finding that they are stuck repeating the same pattern over and over; and never learning the lesson, either.

I identify what the client's issue is on a Soul level and give them the tools to work with to fix themselves.  I want people to remember how to trust themselves and the process within themselves for their own answers and healing; when my part is done.

My gifts are meant for empowering people; not to entertain them or address issues that never get resolved.  It is important that each person do their own personal work to help the situation get better.  I am all about solutions. 


Right now, you just might not be seeing things as clearly; which is why I am here and do what I do.  I am a practical and straightforward reader, no frills here--just the truth as I read it.  


I am a Wayshower for my clients; which means, I don't walk the whole journey with them.  My job is to point the way and give people the tools that they need, so that they can continue on their journey where they are headed.  ​If you want to know how to feel better and empower yourself then I am the person to see.

If you feel this is you, then come inside and learn more...

for Today

August 2, 2021

Moon in Gemini

Sun opposition Saturn

Hard work. Your responsibilities may pile up on you.

Moon square Jupiter

Excessiveness. Possible broken promises or impracticality with some of your plans.  

Moon square Mars

Impulsiveness or emotional thoughts may impede your life in some way.

Areas covered include:

Love &

Engagement Probabilities


Wedding Dates

Fertility and Children


Family Issues


Friends & Groups




Saturn Returns

Guidance for Clients Undergoing Life Transformation


Life Purpose & Destiny

Soul Readings

Influence of particular 

Planets in your chart when active.

Relocation Calculations

Home & Vehicle Purchases


Work & Career



And much more...


Health and Wellbeing


Good dates for Surgeries


Bach Flower Consultations



Sessions are done by phone, Zoom video meetings, and text.  Please contact Kim for any personal queries

Upcoming Events

  • Adult Children of Alcohol and Dysfunction (ACA)  Online Meeting
    Adult Children of Alcohol and Dysfunction (ACA) Online Meeting
    Zoom online meeting
    Aug 02, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
    Zoom online meeting
    THIS MEETINGS TOPIC: I AM ENOUGH ACA is meant to let people speak and share their feelings and experiences growing up in families with an alcoholic or dysfunctional background and how that has affected us.
  • CODA Online Meeting w/ Kim
    CODA Online Meeting w/ Kim
    Zoom. See link below & on Contact tab
    Aug 09, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
    Zoom. See link below & on Contact tab
    We meet online through Zoom for a bi-weekly and very laid back CODA meeting for 60 mins. CODA is meant to let people speak and share their feelings and experiences without being judged, analyzed, fixed, or given advice to. We need to concentrate on our own problems in CODA.